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Receiving orders

How you can order businesscards?

If you decide to order business cards, then, first of all, try to give yourself an answer to the question: for what purpose, to whom, when and where do you plan to distribute them? This will help you determine the budget that can be allocated for the production of such products.

The most popular are economy class business cards, which are ordered from 1000 pieces. In this case, you will receive a two-sided color business card, printed offset on coated paper and covered with a glossy UV varnish on the front side. These products are of high quality, but due to the combination of a set of customers in a single print, such cards are made within 7-10 working days.

If business cards are needed very urgently, then you can count on online printing and digital printing. Here circulations start from 100 pieces, but such circulation will cost approximately as much as 1000 pcs. cut-sheet business cards. But the finished products you can get for 1 day or even after a few hours.

Premium business cards are often chosen by business leaders. They can be manufactured in different ways and on different materials, but, as a rule, they are made on designer paper with drawing of the image and text with the help of screen printing and stamping, as well as using various finishing technologies to obtain original printed effects. Such business cards look unique, which makes it possible to stand out to their owner.

The printing house "Triada-M" can offer you absolutely all possible types of business cards. Experienced managers will always help to make the right choice, and designers will offer several options for execution.

That is why the enterprises and entrepreneurs of different industries have cooperated with us for 20 years!